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Mastering Pentatonics Beginner

With Luca Mantovanelli

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02. Intervals Part 2

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Do you know the pentatonic scale? Do you really KNOW the pentatonic scale?

The pentatonic scale is a fundamental part of musical vocabulary, in many genres and styles. It's something that everyone can use, even the absolute beginner. But sometimes that can be a problem. It's almost too easy to pick a few notes from a little box shape and play some classic licks, without really understanding the scale properly. The pentatonic is a powerful tool for improvisation, but you can only unlock its potential if you learn how it works in detail.

In this Bootcamp course, we're going to teach you about the intervals that give the minor pentatonic its unique sound. We're going to help you to learn the scale in every position, connecting shapes to create a "mental map" of the scale across the whole guitar. The aim is to remove the barriers so that you can improvise fluently with this amazing little scale.

Through 12 modules, you'll learn the shape of the minor pentatonic, in vertical box shapes and in linear fashion along the strings. You'll learn to connect these shapes, to move smoothly around the fretboard. You'll gain confidence in playing licks in different shapes and positions, and you'll learn how the theory can be applied to real musical examples.

Your expert course tutor Luca Mantovanelli will give you guidance and assess your progress, sharing the deep knowledge that makes him one of the most eloquent and fluent improvisers in the guitar world.